Our products cover a wide range of requests; it ranges from design to the realization of any particular. Working principally on behalf of third parties, we are flexible in responding to the market needs of any sector without precluding the possibility of always inserting new customers. The dynamism of our work encourages us to improve ourselves on a daily basis to keep up with the demands that arise.


Quality on realize any product

Strategic and Logistic position

The company is located near the industrial area and highway to reach our main customers.


Complete range of customer processing.

Metal Mold Design

The design is the initial phase of the relationship with the customer and, thanks to the experience and competence that distinguishes the work, the technical office is able to assist the client in the study and customization of each project to provide all the features required technical and reliability.
The starting point of every product and equipment is the design, therefore we wanted to give particular attention to the mold construction department, equipping it with 3D CAD and CAM systems supported by modern networked workstations.
We can create the mathematical model or start from any format, adapt it to the customer's needs, to create the equipment suitable for the production

Metal Mold Making

Maximum accuracy and extreme precision in the processing represent the key points at the base of the construction of the molds both for injection for plastic materials and for sheet metal deformation.
Thanks to the use of a constantly renewed machine tool and highly qualified staff, it is possible to create a mold that corresponds to the needs of the customer, combining reliability and performance at best.

Cold Forging

The cold forging department of Teco S.r.l. it allows to deform and draw a piece of flat metal sheet, so as to obtain a three-dimensional shape that can also be equipped with a high ratio between section and depth.
Teco S.r.l. uses mechanical presses equipped with blank holder and speed variator. They are served by automatic sheet advancement lines and automated systems of our conception.

Laser cutting and metal folding

Thanks to the skills acquired in the 20 years of activity in the metalworking sector and with the strong desire to offer customers an ever-increasing range of services, Teco S.r.l. in 2018 it expanded its production with a department entirely dedicated to laser cutting and bending.
Using a latest generation machinery with a 4000 x 2000 working range and 4000 Watts of power, it offers a wide range of laser cutting without shape constraints with the ability to work up to high thicknesses.
The service is completed by the 8-axis numerical control folder.

Mechanical processing

In Teco Srl, in order to provide our customers a vast and complete range of processes, we have further diversified the production, adding precision machining to the construction of the molds.
The use of high-speed numerical control machines allows us to provide, according to the customer's design and specifications, pieces for the most varied industrial sectors.
The company quality system is obtained thanks to technologically advanced machines, and the intervention of highly specialized staff constantly updated to the new operating and work methods, supported by a control system on the pieces produced, throughout the production phase.
The mechanical processes we perform are: milling, turning, wire erosion and plunge.


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